Supporting Partners


Supporting Partners continue to support the BRIDGE mission by helping to build deal flow and enabling educational forums for both entrepreneurs and investors. BRIDGE deeply appreciates their support and continues to actively seek other Supporting Partners to join us.

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Supporting Partner Incentives:

    • Collectively align a brand with your community goals and initiatives

    • Support economic growth in Sarasota-Manatee through entrepreneurship, job creation, mentorship and funding

    • Access to a group of investors, community leaders and rising entrepreneurs

    • Creative experiential marketing opportunities to showcase your products and services

Community and Investment Partners

Creating a true entrepreneurial eco-system requires collaboration between economic development organizations, universities, research facilities, a network of angel groups and a region’s existing companies. Each is committed to driving diversity and growth from their own area of expertise. Together, they identify the prospective sectors poised for explosive growth unique to our region and work together to make this vision a success.

Economic Development

Those organizations chartered with economic development are the foundation for setting and executing on a strategic growth plan. They are the builders of the eco-system, bringing together all of the key stakeholders to ensure a thriving economy and continued rate of growth going forward. Some examples include:

Universities and Research

Collaboration between the business community, universities and research facilities ensures a steady flow of innovation that synergistically drives development. Southwest Florida’s top ranked schools and world-renowned Roskamp Institute conduct leading-edge research, as well as develop creative and technology innovations. Additionally, incubators are a critical eco-system component to help commercialize innovations forged through the universities and research facilities. Regional examples include:

Angel Investor Funds

Emerging early stage companies benefit from the expertise from a network of angel groups. Each fund brings its own area of expertise and subject matter knowledge to support the startups which ultimately increases the probability of success. Florida enjoys a number of angel groups vested in keeping our state as a top destination for entrepreneurs.

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