Why Become A Member Investor?

Members get an all access pass to fresh investments in Florida thereby gaining exposure to a growing and lucrative asset class. Many of our members are seasoned angel investors and many have just closed their first angel investment. Together they share the collective excitement for participating in a lucrative asset class towards the goal of building an expansive portfolio. We are here to guide members at any stage towards building a robust and diverse portfolio while providing an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of building a future for Florida’s budding entrepreneurs.

What Value Do We Provide To Companies?

Bridge Angel Investors assist early stage companies in a number of ways, including providing funding, mentoring and connecting portfolio companies to our vast network of resources that support growth. We believe in creating a win-win opportunity for all parties.









Bridge Angels are a group of purpose-minded business professionals with an eye for innovation, and a taste for returns.


Membership Benefits

  • Access to a social and professional network of the best and brightest entrepreneurial minds in Sarasota-Manatee

  • Access to our exclusive online portal featuring the top curated early-stage investments in Florida

  • Access to packaged and vetted deals presented by our experienced Executive Committee on a monthly basis in Sarasota

  • An opportunity to be mentored towards building an attractive and robust portfolio of investments in a unique asset class

  • Access to member-only monthly meetings, social and educational events

  • Access to community events produced by Bridge for the Sarasota-Manatee community


Our Criteria 

  • Satisfy the requirements of being a “qualified investor”

  • Contribute a mandatory minimum of $20,000 per year towards deals selected by the Executive Committee

  • Pay annual dues of $2,000

  • Contribute and provide subject matter expertise towards the due diligence process that is required to evaluate and fund deals

  • Provide mentorship to portfolio companies in the form of expertise and/or business development


Our Focus and Process

  • We screen approximately 100 deals per year, conduct due diligence and present approximately 15 deals per year. We mentor countless companies by providing valuable feedback whether or not they ultimately present in person or are awarded funding. Of the deals that we screen, we present 1-2 deals each month in person in Sarasota typically accompanied by an angel investment educational feature and a social. Our ultimate goal is to close 7 deals each year to ensure a meaningful impact for our investors, entrepreneurs and the community.

  • We base our industry focus on our collective membership and third party subject matter expertise. Currently that focus is centered around healthcare, sports/entertainment, technology, consumer products and retail.

  • We invest in pre and post revenue opportunities provided, in part, that the valuation is fair in light of the stage of development, there is proof of concept/market opportunity and we can support the exit strategy to deliver venture returns.

  • Guided by the Executive Committee, our members work collaboratively through screening, deal presentation, due diligence and negotiations towards an investment closing as a Bridge single purpose LLC.

Interested in investing with Bridge? Please contact us and tell us more about your areas of expertise and your investment interests.


Wendi Chapman, Executive Director


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