About ReWired Solutions

In 2018 Bridge Angel Investors collaborated with New World Angels and funded Sarasota-based company ReWired Solutions. Rewired Solutions, their first BRIDGE investment, is making its mark by significantly reducing costs associated with high volume recruitment. Their customers and prospects are typically Fortune 500 companies, whose recruitment demands can be up to the tens of thousands each year. Rewired digitally models employees who represent a company’s “Hero”, those most critical to their success, by using a proprietary set of tools and algorithms. They then deliver Hero “look-alike” candidates through targeted ad campaigns across multiple social media platforms and an automated engagement and screening process. Rewired’s solution also means that companies with vastly different corporate cultures and skill sets, such as their clients Lockheed Martin, Deloitte, Walmart, Best Buy, and locally, PGT Industries, can all find their right Heroes. 



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About VuPulse

Founded by former Comcast executive Kevin Hill and his business partner Jeff Kreger, VuPulse uses proprietary algorithms and databases to increase responses to media advertising by making it easier for the consumer to take the promoted action.  Focusing initially on the media and publishing markets, VuPulse has tripled monthly recurring revenue already since the start of 2018 and has relationships already established with multiple networks and studios. 

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